Christel Van Hove

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As a child I would cry for the smallest things. E.g. if someone spoke too loud, I was instantly afraid and sure of that person was angry at me. I have always wanted to please everyone, because I want
everybody to be nice and friendly to each other.

I loved to play outside with my brother and cousins. Most of the time we played football. In school, the playground was my favorite place. Being in a classroom gave me a lot of stress even though I was a very good student. I didn’t need to study hard to recieve good grades.


In first grade when I was 5 years old, we sewed a decorative dustbin with various stitches. I am still so proud of it.

My parents are also soft-hearted people. And I was also stimulated at home by my father, mother and grandmother to create and do the things I loved.
I made flower compositions, knitted shawls and crocheted clothes for my dolls. I did not play with the dolls, just made them clothes. I also made toys for my rabbits. All in all, being with animals was my second ”safe space”. I liked being on a farm in my neighborhood where I spent loving time with the goats, cows, rabbits, sheeps and cats. Animals have always given me a zenfeeling.

After secondary school I studied to become a teacher for children between 6 and 12 years old. There I was able to use my sensitive and creative skills. For 17 years I had first grade for children between 5 and 6 year olds. With the children I could be myself.

After 20 years I decided to help children with learning disabilities at the same school.

My sensitive skills helped me a lot to understand children with various difficulties, such as autism, high sensitivity, ADHD etc. This has been my job for 10 years now and I feel very good about it.

But at the same time I also


I followed the dream, which has always been my ”Safe Space” No. 1, to dive into creativity. Therefore I became a bear artist. For severeal years I visited fairs where doll and bears were
exhibited. I still do with my sister-in-law and my best friend, Viviane. I loved the hand-molded dolls, and at the same time I was also fascinated by the lovely, soft bears with many expressions.
After some time we tried to create our own bears. In 2009 I decided to exhibit my own bears.
Now I design and make my own bears and other critters. I have even received some international awards for my work.
But most important about this story..

I have finally accepted myself as a sensitive person and get the best out of it.


In the dresses designed by Margot, I feel the dresses are made with the same sensitivity, perfection and passion. So you can find me at school, on fairs, at parties and dinners wearing my favorite dresses!”

text: Christel Van Hove · photos: Private