What we know about the brand ”MARGOT” is that it is primarily a dress brand. We know the styles are colorful, retro-inspired and it is a happy universe with lots of humor. Some might say it is a brave universe where one dares to dress in tight-fitting dresses, which are filled with lots of colors and patterns. If you go with MARGOT you don’t go with the fashion flow, because ‟MARGOT” is not into the main fashion.
But one thing you can be sure of is that styles from MARGOT provide compliment guarantee, so be prepared.

But who is Margot, the designer behind the brand, the mother of all the lovely dresses and styles? And what are her Flawsome’s?
Read on and get to know Margot a little bit more …

Margot is Danish, she lives in a small village close to his company and design space located in Jutland in Denmark.

She’s married, has no children of her own ..or she has Viva, a wonderful little Basset girl. She’s kind of like Margot’s child and also her best friend.

Margot has always wanted to be a designer. ”I have sewn clothes for myself since I was a little girl. Back then, I used Burda patterns as basics. (Burda is a magazine that comes with patterns for sewing)


Hated it because of the attention. But even though I am very introverted, I have always loved being brave with clothes.”

Margot tells she is an introverted person. How does that affect the way she designs?
”I have been in my head all my life. I am very observant as a
person. I see people and all the details.
My outside is quiet. Mostly I don’t speak much.
My laughter is very big, though, which is like me inside…you can say my loud laugh reflects who I am inside -very colourful and full of passion and always in motion.
I believe I express some of my inside life through my clothes and designs.
That’s why I always try to design new designs, with quirky and challenging details.”

”When I design, I make it all from scratch. Right from textile designs and pattern building to the final design. I sew and design every single collection sample myself.
Sometimes I even hand-draw drawings that end up turning into textiles. I am a true craftsperson and do not use modern 3d technology or any other software for designing on computer
-No, everything is created with my hands. You can call me old-school, but this is me and how I love to do it and personalize my designs.”

So, what made her take the big step, as it is for many, to dare to jump out as her own boss lady?
”It was several small initiatives that led me in the direction – to become independent.
I certainly did not have a great master plan with budgets and big visions.
I’m a cautious kind of type and somehow I took the plunge,
began to sew clothes for others, made repairs and after a little while I rented a shelf in a shop for upcoming designers.
I sold some of my dresses in the shop. Two different shop owners each saw the dresses at a wedding and contacted me. So I made a small collection, with which I went on a sales round…and from there it went fast…and the rest is history.”


“A hand reader once saw a lone wolf in my hand”

Margot has a special bond with animals, especially dogs.
I trust dogs. Humans …please don’t get me started 😉
I admire dogs ability to always be happy and most of all, not to be afraid to show you how happy they are, that you are you.
Dogs are my lifeblood. I feel like I cannot live without a dog by my side. They keep me sane and help me with my emotional overloads. I simply love love love dogs.”


Curious Margot…
”When I am on vacation, I look for new walk paths everyday alone. I just love the discovery of new things.
My eyes looks for what is different. I love flawsomeness. I am an addict of the known but I crave the new.
My mind is always full of contrasts. That is how I love to
design also. (With moderation I could be freer).”

So this is the little slice of story of Margot, her flawsomenes and how her personality and inner life merge with her
wonderful, detailed, humorous and whimsical designs.

”Loners don’t need much if they have someone to love.
They treasure meaningful companionship and care for each other like little wolf pups.”