M ARGOT is a Danish brand.
A ll designed from scratch.
R etro inspired & colourful.
G reat humor and laughter are a big part of the DNA.
O utfits with guarantees for smiles.
T extiles with environmental concern.

MARGOT is a Danish clothing brand, which is designed entirely from start to finish by Margot Weinreich Mikkelsen.

The brand has existed since 2005.
Margot has a very special ability to design her styles with quirky, funky and spot on details, which is what characterises her designs most.
She is able to constantly develop and puts her own personal mark on her styles so you are never in doubt that it is a MARGOT. Everything is made with a retro touch, colourful joy, has funky details and are filled with love.

MARGOT believes in “long lasting” styles.
For us sustainability is about making unique and timeless styles for any occasion and styles that can be worn again and again.
“Long lasting” styles goes against the fast-growing “use-and-throw-away” trend. “By less, but better,” as Vivienne Westwood says.

MARGOT is a brand for the brave, curious and self-conscious woman who likes to stand out and not just go with the flow.
MARGOT highly values that women in all size can wear colourful,
body-fitting clothing and that they dare to show curves no matter what size they are. MARGOT clothes are available in sizes from XS – 3XL.

In the beginning, the brand was known primarily for the colourful dresses, but now the brand also has various tops and bottoms, delicious knitwear and cardigans, plenty of candy-like accessories and pretty wide and brilliant, colorful and varied range of tights, leggings and socks available in one size and plus size.

Four collections are launched per year:
Spring (01), Summer (02), Fall (03) and Winter (04).
Spring & Fall are the two largest collections. The collections come in several deliveries.

A catalogue follows each collection. We place just as much importance on our catalogue as we do on our collection. The theme, layout and the various image photos that are found in the catalogue are thought through and always with a funny, positive, loving, smily and humorous twist.