By joint efforts, we ensure the good experiences and sustainable actions!

on your new MARGOT!

We want you to get the most joy, most compliments and many good experiences wearing it.

way to help it along is that it is treated properly.

In order to ensure as many good experiences as possible with your new MARGOT and to avoid the least wear and tear, it is important that you follow our environmentally friendly advice as well as follow the washing instructions embedded in the clothes, if the clothes are dirty.
The washing instruction usually appear inside the left side of the clothes!

What wears most on clothes, is wash!

  • You do not need to wash your clothes after each use.
  • Instead, you can air them or spot clean if necessary.
  • Onlywash your clothes if it is dirty.
  • Followthe washing instructions in each piece of clothing.
  • Always turn your clothes inside out when washing.
  • Wash only when the machine is loaded and with similar colours.
  • Wash at low temperatures, MAX 30 °, and low spin.
  • Use liquid environmentally friendly detergent designed for cold washing, MAX 30 °
  • In addition, it is important that the dosage is correct in relation to the water’s hardness and the machine’s capacity.
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Use a laundry bag for highly detailed designs, delicate fabrics such as viscose and TENCEL.
  • Hang dry your clothes.
  • Do not use tumble-dryer.
  • Repair your clothing before you consider passing it on.
  • Don’t throw away your clothes. Pass it on to family or girlfriends, recycling, charity or sell it secondhand.


We cut samples of all the textiles we receive.
We wash and spin them to see if any abnormal* wear, shrinkage and / or colour loss occurs. If that happens, a piece of clothing will never come out of that fabric!

* With natural textiles, such as cotton, fibers may rise like small fine white hairs. That is normal.