Expand your Escape into Stop Textile Waste

In addition to escaping into the buzzing and healing life of the flower garden, we also ask you to expand your escape and invite you on an exciting treasure hunt.
This summer we have made a fairly large portion of Summer dresses in our popular t-shirt dress style made from previous seasons textiles only.

Completely factual our vision is to take the best environmental solutions we can as a clothing brand.
We want no destruction of deadstocks.
We want to extend the life of clothes through design, maintenance and circular initiatives.
We focus highly on minimizing textile waste and we do not want to throw away any textiles, burn it or let it go to waste in any way.
We always try to find ways to turn waste into new resources.

This is why, this Summer, we have chosen to let you enjoy these unique deadstock textiles.
There will be a total of 46 different dresses allocated around at our retailers.
They are in limited numbers and some will be so rare that there are only 4 pieces available in sizes among the XS-3XL scale.

The model of the dress is as mentioned our very popular t-shirt dress style.
This model is a regular model without variation of different designs and details.
This type of dress is suitable for everyone and allows you to style it just how your mood feels.
Do you want to go more neutral or do you want to go all in?
The choice is yours.
This dress can even be used with a clear conscience, as the fabric has not been wasted.
It’s like when it’s brand new, from another decade.

We really hope you will find it amusing to go on a treasure hunt at our various retailers and discover which stop textile waste dresses you can find.
For example Miss Aperol al Sol in the Netherlands, Miss Baby Loves Blue in Denmark and Miss Longing Heart in France.
We promise that, no matter which Misses you’ll find, she will feel like a collector’s treasure.